Stainless Re Bolt Kit

How many times have you damaged the finish of your gun using a flat blade screwdriver? Well, replace the poor quality standard screws with these custom stainless steel hex drive screw kits.
These screws will make a great addition to your custom Crosman, as not only do they look good, they are excellent quality too.
They will fit the following models, 2240 (Ratbuster), 2250 (Ratcatcher), 1377/22, 2289 (Backpacker), 2300T, and the 2250XT (King Ratcatcher)
The kit contains the following screws
Grip x 2
Frame side plate x 2
Front grip frame 2240 x 1, 2250 x 1
Rear grips frame x 1
Rear breech, short for Crosman steel breech x 1
Rear breech, long for Crosman plastic breech x 1
Grub screws x 2 for barrel band and barrel set screw (Only if using the Steel breech)
Allen headed hex keys x 4
Also included in the kit are 4 delrin trigger and sear shims. (While you have your gun in bits, fit these shims either side of the trigger and sear. This will reduce the side to side play in the trigger to improve the performance and feel of your trigger)


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