12g CO2 Capsule Adaptor

These clever little adaptors make it possible to use standard 12g capsules in the AS2250XT (King Ratcatcher) if used along with the airsource to paintball adaptor, available elsewhere on the website. Using this system has many benefits over using the 88g bottles. You can use it if you don't like to keep your gun gassed in between shooting/hunting sessions, as it's much less of a waste ditching what's left in a 12g capsule than the more expensive 88g bottles. You can use it to check on repairs/leaks. Again, much less of a waste using the 12g capsule. They can also be used if you have already bulked your Crosman and don't want to use a paintball bottle.
How to use, make sure the male threaded end is screwed in to the airsource/paintball adaptor first (there is no internal valve, so if you just screw the 2 halves together, you will lose all your gas), pop a capsule in, screw it all together and your gassed and ready to go.


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